Opportunity Youth: Undoing A Disrupted Year

Season #2

Measure of America recently released a report called A Disrupted Year focused on the spike in "Opportunity Youth" across America. The 2020 national youth disconnection rate was 12.6 percent, or 4,830,700 disconnected youth, and likely even higher as COVID disrupted so many young adult lives. (Read the full report: https://measureofamerica.org/youth-disconnection-2022/) For this episode of The Future Works, we are joined by Melanie G. Ferrer-Vaughn, Associate Director at the L.A. Opportunity Youth Collaborative and Robert Sainz, Executive Director at New Ways to Work. They will share their progress, learning and success of the California Opportunity Youth Network (COYN)

Melanie shared the following for our podcast listeners:

The episode was produced by Brian Finch. Music used in this episode was produced by Jason Shaw on AudionautiX