Member Highlight: Youthful Impact Empowers Youth While Raising Cyber Security Awareness

Nov 08, 2023

October was centered on cybersecurity awareness. The 31 days were dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of cybersecurity while providing resources to foster a safer, more secure online experience. NYATEP member, Youthful Impact -- in partnership with Google -- is empowering youth 18 to 24 who are out of school with access to training opportunities like the Google Career Certificate in cybersecurity.

Youthful Impact is committed to increasing the employability skills of one million youth by 2030 with culturally responsive and inclusive content. Using a community-driven approach that builds foundational skills and competencies, Youthful Impact leverages an entrepreneurial mindset platform that engages with a robust STEM curriculum to prepare youth for the future of work.

Often, the difference between individuals who achieve their fullest potential and those who fall short is access to opportunity, resources, and support. A one-stop-shop for youth 14 to 24 in or out of school, Youthful Impact's entrepreneurial programming allows participants to explore careers while launching ventures that build foundational skills. Designed by college professors, school counselors, successful entrepreneurs, and business coaches, the fast-track program helps youth of color -- who may be disengaged and disconnected -- overcome school and job search challenges so that they can secure a life-sustaining job and ultimately thrive.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Khaitsa Wasiyo has used her expertise in curriculum design, educational technologies, and e-learning project management to help organizations build and scale youth and education programs. In 2020, after observing the challenges faced by youth, Dr. Wasiyo collaborated with others to create a unique solution that would address the learning gaps formed during the pandemic and facilitate teen growth and development.

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