An update from NYATEP Executive Director, Melinda Mack

Feb 21, 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

By now word is getting around that I will be undergoing surgery on Monday, February 27th for another mass that was found in my brain. As you can imagine, getting the news that I need to undergo brain surgery has been really hard on me, my husband, and very scary for our three kids. I am completely confident that the outcome will be as good, if not better than the last go around. All the positive energy and good vibes carried me through two years ago!

Unlike last time, this is not an emergency surgery, so I have zero symptoms and feel great going in. This also means the NYATEP team and Board has had a bit of time to be planful and deliberate -- and honestly you all probably won't even notice I am gone. I have full faith in Therese's ability to take the helm while I am out of commission over the next few weeks.

Finally, this is another reminder that every day is a gift, and we get to choose how we spend our time. If you have a few moments over the next several weeks -- what I really need from all of you in terms of support is not food or gifts. I need you to be the voice of the system while I cannot. Please connect with your legislators about the value of the income disregard and need to continue funding the Office of Strategic Workforce Development at Empire State Development.

It would be such a devastating setback if these two priorities do not move this year. If you want to check in on my progress you can reach out to any of the Staff or directly to Molly at [email protected]

With love,

Melinda and the Mack Family