February Federal Update

Feb 05, 2024

After months of negotiations, the Senate’s bipartisan border security and foreign aid package is here. You can find a summary of the bill HERE.

The legislation, estimated to cost around $118 billion, amounts to a significant rewrite of key parts of U.S. immigration law, including slashing the number of migrants eligible for asylum and altering how those claims get processed. The package would also provide $60 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine, billions of dollars for Israel, as well as the Indo-Pacific region and lastly, ongoing U.S. military operations in the Middle East as well.

Regarding WIOA legislation proposals on the Senate side, the bill we are seeing is geared toward improving data sharing and directs the State to ‘facilitate access’ to UI data for individuals enrolled in training to both ‘local areas’ and training providers It also adds more responsibility for data collection based on TEGL. More to come as information is available.