Summer Youth Employment on Long Island

Suffolk | Nassau

Suffolk County Department of Labor, Youth Program

"From the worksite supervisor from the County Executive's Office: I must tell you that I had THE BEST intern for the past 7 months Tamara Pierre-2021 graduate of Brentwood High School. My sister in government Rosalie DeFrancesco Drago is responsible for Tamara working with me. Can I tell you that she is Rock Star. She is analytical, civic minded, committed and SMART. She assisted with Police Reform and Reinvention and ended her tenure with the County by presenting her research to the County’s School Resource Officer Reimagine Task Force. She presented three case studies and results from her focus group interviews. My girl did her thing and I am extremely proud of her. I’m thankful to the team for taking her under your wing and providing guidance and leadership- Cristian Macario and Bridget Foley. Tamara is on her way to the University of Albany and was accepted into their 3/3 program which will afford her the opportunity to finish her undergraduate coursework in three years and then matriculate to Albany Law. Blessings and everyone be on the look out for the next Supreme Court Justice."

Hempstead Works

"Mohamed has been with SYEP since age 15. He was assigned to California Avenue School, an Elementary school in the Uniondale District. His personality, mannerisms, and work ethic charmed the staff at California Ave School.  

Fast forward, Mohamed's time during Uniondale up to Spring of 2020 when everyone and everything was uncertain about how things would go due to suddenly being in a pandemic. The current SYEP RFP had to be amended since we couldn't have students working in person. Once Uniondale got the go ahead to create a virtual platform to continue serving the students in a learn and work educational program, other worksites were found for students who were able to work remotely. Some students who weren't fortunate enough to work remotely, were able to take advantage of the Learn and Earn SYEP program via Google meet. Classes such as Personal Finance, Keyboarding, Dress for Success, etc., were all designed to assist the students in all pertinent areas of their lives. Mohamed took advantage of the "learn and earn program" via google meet.  He was one of the students that stood out in the program, always engaging himself in each class. 

After the summer program ended in August of 2020, it was time for Mohamed to shift gears and think about his senior year ahead with impending graduation in June of 2021. He was always a student that stayed on tasks with his school lesson and did not let anything hinder him from being successful in school.  Thus he graduated high school as expected which took place on June 26, 2021.  

The SYEP program afforded the graduating seniors opportunity to work after graduating high school and of course Mohamed took full advantage of that opportunity and was able to work again at Cal Ave School. With new student workers employed in the SYEP, Mohamed became the lead student worker in the building assigned. He was  given the opportunity to be a "Student Supervisor" ensuring the newly hired know how to fill out their timesheets, arrange lunch times, show them around the building, etc. While working at Cal Ave School, an opportunity became available for Mohamed to work with a company called Tetra Tech, a leading engineering company worldwide. Mohamed took on a position with Tetra, where he's being trained on EPA, Lead, etc. He started out making $20 per hour and was bumped up to $25 after passing an exam that promoted him to another level. So far, he likes what he's doing and does intend on attending college Fall of 2022. Mohamed is aware that he has many people in his corner and no matter that we are all here to help him in his endeavors.  

Mohamed is one of those young persons that's going to make it and be very successful because he did not let his circumstances dictate his destination."

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