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Finding employment became a priority for Denayshia, but her barrier was that people were insisting on having vast experience and work skills. Denayshia knew she needed more work experience to get herself where she wanted to be!

She became determined and focused, she was thrilled when she was accepted into the Summer Youth Employment Program!

Through the SYEP, Denayshia was able to work on a resume with her job coach, something she didn’t have before.

Denayshia learned what needed to go on a resume and how to best portray herself on a paper for an employer!

For the summer, Denayshia worked at The Costumer, at the production and retail location. Denayshia was excited to work at The Costumer because she was very creative and had skills in cosmetology and cosplay.

Denayshia has been able to develop her communication skills and her customer service skills from the retail portion of the work.

From the production side she has been able to learn new skills, such as sewing, creating accessories for costumes, and designing mannequin outfits.

Denayshia even had the opportunity to be part of a photoshoot The Costumer was having where she helped the models with their wigs, makeup, and outfits. A week before the SYEP finished, Denayshia was hired on by The Costumer!

Denayshia showed tremendous growth in her skills and has landed a job that she really enjoys! 

Saratoga County Department of Employment and Training


Xavier is a 15-year-old first time SYEP applicant whose only form of transportation is his bike, resulting in very limited radius of travel to a job. However, Xavier did not let this restrict him at all! 

He came into his intake with a plan and requested to work at Pitney Meadows Community Farms.

The farm was hesitant to take on a summer youth due to staffing concerns regarding their ability to supervise and mentor youth properly.

However, Xavier was resourceful and secured a meeting with the executive director, Lynn, at the farm to see if he would be a good fit.

Lynn saw what everyone who has the pleasure of coming across Xavier sees, that he is a hardworking and driven young adult with a great attitude.

Xavier was hired through SYEP as a Farm Stand Ambassador!

He is responsible for managing the farm stand, helping customers with the self-checkout kiosk, and restocking the produce.

Xavier has really excelled this summer and found a great community at the farm. As result, he has been given more responsibility on the farm outside of the stand. Xavier mulches/waters plants and participates in all staff meetings on the farm! 

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