2023 Partners for Workforce and Economic Development Conference


Workforce Award Nominations

Stay tuned for the winners! Coming Soon!

Business Leadership Award

We seek to recognize a local business representative who is a strong advocate for local workforce programs aimed at developing New York's human capital.  The nominee must have a proven track record of working with workforce development programs and/or initiatives; fostering job quality; and/or is a vocal advocate for workforce in the local business community.

Frontline Leadership Award

The Frontline Leadership Award, created in 2016, honors the dedication, commitment, and ingenuity of the workforce development staff, from NYATEP member organizations, who directly serve New Yorkers.  Honorees are staff who are in the trenches and go above and beyond in their direct service to business customers and jobseekers every day; has shown innovation during COVID-19 and ideally embody NYATEP's core brand values:  Responsive, Passionate, Collaborative, Strategic, and Resourceful.

NYS Workforce Program Award

Annually we seek to highlight the promising practices in the field of education, training and employment from across New York! We invite you to nominate a New York State-based, workforce development program (i.e., education, training or employment programs) or initiatives that effectively develop the workforce in support of the local economy, through successful education and training, community-wide partnerships, and/or employer engagement.

Workforce and Economic Development Partnership Award

Understanding the important relationship between the workforce and economic development fields, we have established the Workforce and Economic Development Partnership Award.  This award will recognize successful local and regional collaborations that benefit the economy, including but not limited to increasing access to opportunities for historically marginalized communities, supporting low wage worker advancement; and/or increasing job quality.

Legislative and Statewide Leadership Awards

These two awards will be chosen and voted on by our Board of Directors. 

The Legislative Leadership Award was created in 2018 to recognize a Legislator that has used their voice to fight for and champion workforce development.  Without their leadership progress for working people, skill development and business excellence would not be possible.

The Statewide Leadership Award is given by the NYATEP Board each year to a deserving person or organization that has proven to be a steadfast advocate on behalf of, New York State-based workforce, economic development, and/or education programs aimed at developing New York’s human capital.  In particular, the Board looks for honorees that foster collaboration; forward thinking approaches and understands the value of advocacy.