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The State of the Workforce Brief is an annual snapshot, of publicly available data, to inform communities about the dynamics of their regional economy and the workforce impact.  The New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals embarked on this project to use readily available data to understand who is working and who isn’t; what sectors and occupations are growing across the State; and the number of potential workers produced by New York’s education & training systems.

The data in the report supports four key findings:

  • The economic landscape is changing in New York and the United States

  • New Yorkers lack skills in demand

  • Childcare is a barrier to median and low-wage families

  • There are many costs facing New York's workforce

For the full report, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Melinda Mack at mmack@nyatep.org

2017 State of the Workforce


The State of the Workforce Brief aims to provide a ‘point in time’ snapshot of the dynamics New York’s local and regional economy and the workforce impact.  It finds that all regions, except for New York City and Long Island, are seeing sizeable reductions in their available labor force.  This means there are fewer workers available for the jobs created through local economic development efforts and in response to the upswing in the economy.  To add to the challenge, the state’s high unemployment rate for young adults and the aging workforce (nearly a quarter of the State’s workforce is ages 55 or older) further exacerbate the lack of available workers. Written by Melinda Mack, Madison Hubner, Lesley Hirsch and Yuemeng Zhang.       Read the full report.