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Annual State of the Workforce Brief
The State of the Workforce Brief is an annual snapshot, of publicly available data, to inform communities about the dynamics of their regional economy and the workforce impact.  The New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals embarked on this project to use readily available data to understand who is working and who isn’t; what sectors and occupations are growing across the State; and the number of potential workers produced by New York’s education & training systems.
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Seeking a Workforce Strategy

NYATEP and Center for an Urban Future, May 2015


As New York’s economy continues to grow, the state needs a workforce development strategy that prepares and connects New Yorkers to careers.  Additionally, funding for workforce development continues to decline, despite substantial statewide investment in economic development.  With the passage of WIOA, the state has a unique opportunity to take advantage of the advances in the law to coordinate the system, and become a leader in state investment in developing a skilled pipeline of workers for today and the future.  This report was funded by New York City Workforce Development Fund in The New York Community Trust, and written by Melinda Mack, David Jason Fischer and Stacy Woodruff-Bolte.

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WIOA Feedback in Advance of Draft Federal Regulations

NYATEP, November 2014


In advance of the draft regulations to support the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), NYATEP has provided detailed feedback to the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor to inform rulemaking. 

Understanding Workforce Demand in the NYS Food Processing Industry

NYATEP, Harvest NY, and Cornell University, April, 2014


On April 29th, the Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Harvest NY and NYATEP brought together more than 70 professionals representing employers in various food processing industries, educational and training programs (such as K-12, BOCES and postsecondary institutions), Workforce Investment Boards, and state representatives from the Western New York region to discuss the workforce development needs within the state’s food processing industries (food and beverage).   The purpose for the event was to work with a subset of the professionals in the field to build on promising best practices to educate and train workers, understand skills shortages, and open dialogue for industry-wide coordination of education, training and employment activities.  The following is a summary of the learnings from this event.


New York's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs

NYATEP and National Skills Coalition, 2011


Despite sizeable investments in educaton and training through traditional State resources, New York, like many other states is facing a "middle skills challenge" -- in 2009 46% of jobs in New York State were considered middle skill, but only 39% of New Yorkers had the education and training to access these positions.  This report explores the trends in New York State related to necessary skills attainment, future employment prospects and systemic changes that need to take place to train more skilled workers.

A Thousand Cuts

NYATEP and Center for an Urban Future, 2007


A report by the Center and NYATEP finds that now more than ever, New York needs a strong workforce development system -- but declining funds and uncoordinated programs are obstacles to progress.  By David Jason Fischer and John Twomey