Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is effective on July 1, 2015.  As the field transitions to WIOA, NYATEP will compile staff developed resources and partner content to aid in staff professional development.

NYATEP WIOA Recomendations

Throughout the spring of 2015, NYATEP members worked collectively to develop a set of recommendations to submit to the federal government in advance of the final rule.  The workgroup consisted of a cross-section of workforce boards, community colleges, public libraries, community-based organizations, government agencies and literacy/adult education providers.  RECOMMENDATIONS

Additional Trainings Available Through NYATEP

NYATEP can offer a range of customized WIOA training for your workforce organization, such as:

  • Board overview of the law

  • Board strategic planning

  • Front-line staff education

  • Technical assistance on sections of the law

  • Among many more!


Please contact Melinda Mack to discuss content, pricing, and to schedule, 518-433-1200 or

October, 2014,  USDOL, WIOA Town Hall,  NYATEP Fall Conference


February, 2015, USDOL, WIOA Into the Weeds, NYATEP Youth Academy


February, 2015, CLASP, WIOA Prep Rally, NYATEP Youth Academy


USDOL SMART Financial Training Resources:




USDOL and Partner Resources
NYATEP Overviews
Additional WIOA Resources



Adult Education and Family Literacy Act:




Workforce³one, Youth Connections Community of Practice – Peer Resources,


Workforce³one, Building a Skilled & Educated Workforce: Exploring Multiple Pathways to Community College for OSY,


CLASP, Key Provisions of WIOA to Support Career Pathways and Low Income Workers,


NGA Policy Brief: State Policies to Reengage Dropouts,


NYEC, Building Roads to Success: Key Considerations for Communities and States Reconnecting Youth to Education,


DoE Guide: Bringing Students Back to the Center: A Resource Guide for Implementing and Enhancing Re-Engagement Centers for Out-of-School Youth,


USDOL, Improving Services and Performance: Toolkit for Effective Front-Line Services to Youth,


Recording Now Available for Purchase:


Building & Implementing the WIOA One-Stop System and Center Partnership


Previously recorded on Dec. 15, 2015

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