NYATEP Statewide Training Scan 📋

NYATEP has engaged a consultant to help us conduct a point-in-time, comprehensive statewide survey on the total availability of training programs related to these four industries:

  1. Information Technology

  2. Healthcare

  3. Advanced Manufacturing

  4. Construction

If your organization either runs a specific program OR funds a training program in one of these industries, please help us capture this information by completing this survey or forwarding it on to a training provider in this space.

Please note, the information we collect will help us better understand the capacity of training opportunities in these key industry sectors and will not be related to performance measures in any way. The goal of this exercise is to provide an accurate snapshot of available training programs to potentially scale when the state looks to ramp up the post-pandemic economy.

The survey is available HERE and will take about 10 minutes to complete. We welcome your feedback and questions. Our team is also available for a zoom or phone call to walk through the survey or any additional questions, thoughts, or insights you may have to share with us.

Just a couple of final notes about the survey itself, and filling out the information.

  • Please go through the survey with only one training program in mind. There is a button on the final question that will allow you to fill out another course or program in one of the four industries, but please do not aggregate courses in your response; (for example, if you run a Nursing Assistant program but also a Licensed Vocational Nursing program, please tell us about the capacity, number of students, cost, etc. separately)

  • For total training cost, if you have the information let us know the cost total, not just what may be covered by your organization (for example through WIOA funding)

If you have any questions on the survey please reach out to Megan Farry at mfarry@nyatep.org and if you aren't sure if it applies to your organization, just know that we want to err on the side of capturing all training providers rather than fewer, please help us make sure we are advocating for your work on the ground!

We will be sharing back the information we collect with participants. Thank you for your support with this effort!

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