New Podcast Series: NYATEP on the Road

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

We're kicking off a new podcast series NYATEP on the Road. We want to give you a close up view of what is happening across New York, nationally and even internationally! We are new to the podcasting game, but we are excited to have a different way to engage and connect with our members & their partners and to share what we are learning.

What better way to get you hooked then to go big -- with our inaugural podcast kicking off on November 10th as we head to Germany with our colleagues from the Michigan Works! Association. We will be uploading a new podcast every day while we are overseas, taking you along with us as we dive deep into the German apprenticeship model, meet with the business community and hear directly from young adults about the value of an apprenticeship. We will be traveling with a group from Michigan and New York (tune in to learn who!) to Bonn and Cologne.

Download the link to the podcasts each day from the Workforce Buzz blog. Listen to the first one today!

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