NYATEP's 2018 Advocacy Priorities

As we head into 2018's legislative season in Albany, the New York Association of Training & Employment Professionals (NYATEP) will continue to push for our members key priorities:

  • Dedicated State funding for regional, evidence-based workforce development programs. Resources should be utilized to develop or expand programs that work, including sectoral-based job training; contextualized education & training; and apprenticeship, among others. We know what works, let's fund it.

  • A deliberate connection between economic and workforce development. The NYS Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) have spent less than 1% of its funding on workforce training. If the State's investments in economic development are going to last, workforce needs to be a primary component.

  • Utilize data to drive workforce implementation decisions. Establish a Data Clearinghouse to utilize available wage record data, quarterly census of employment and wages data, unemployment insurance data, labor market data and other available data to enable State agencies, policy makers, workforce development providers, higher education, among others analyze and publicly report the outcomes and effectiveness of workforce development investments.

We have an incredible opportunity in New York to truly build and institutionalize real pathways to good paying jobs and economic sustainability for families across the State. As workforce and economic developers, we know none of us can do this work alone or without continuously improving. To realize our collective vision for the field, we will all need to lead.

The Governor will be giving his 2018 State of the State Address on January 3rd at 1 p.m. Live streaming options are usually available online about an hour before the broadcast at: https://www.governor.ny.gov/keywords/state-state

For NYATEP members we will be providing our annual NYS Executive Budget and State of the State E-Alert shortly after the Governor's address, so stay tuned. Additionally, we will share with you what you can do now to ensure 2018 is the year our State starts to #InvestinSkillsNY

Ps. The 2018 Youth Academy: Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Workforce on March 5-7, 2018 registration is now live. Register at www.nyatep.org

Join in Saratoga Springs for this incredible, hands-one event that will allow you and your partners to learn about the national best practices for education, training and employment programs for young adults.