2015 Workforce Awards: Nominate the Best in the Biz

The 2015 Statewide Workforce Awards is just a few months away on October 27th-- and in a field that doesn't get enough credit for the work we do -- it is time to celebrate this year's outstanding Program, Business Leader, and Statewide Leader!

Last year's luncheon was attended by more than 250 workforce professionals and we were thrilled to honor three incredibly deserving folks. Dr. Anne Kress, President of Monroe Community College served as the Master of Ceremonies, leading a lively, fun, and inspiring ceremony. (See below)

This year we would like to continue to the tradition to honor our own, but need your help! We need you to nominate your colleagues, peers and the workforce rockstars that you admire. We are hoping our inboxes overflow with names -- since there is no shortage of great people to nominate!

Please submit your nominations via the links below by September 2nd!

Business Leadership Nominee Form

Program Nominee Form

Program Awardee: Health Professions Opportunity Grant, Schenectady County Community College

Statewide Leadership Awardee: Ed Murphy, Workforce Development Institute

Business Leadership Awardee: Mike Mandina, Optimax

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