NYATEP Launches the 2015 Summer Youth Employment Site

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

In the summer of 2014, 18,591 youth across New York State participated in summer youth employment funded by the $27 million from the New York State Legislature and Governor. And, thousands and thousands more participated due to the generosity of public philanthropy and local government committment.

Youth from across New York State participated in meaningful work experiences this past summer. Summer jobs ranged from working for the public sector -- in libraries and in schools; to working in the private sector, like local restaurants and cafes, medical offices, and community outreach positions. Each job equals a hands on experience, learning what it means to work and work hard.

Check out these amazing youth, read their stories in their own words, a get a sense of how hard they worked on their summer vacations this year! SUMMER YOUTH WEBSITE

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