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​​Center for Employment Opportunities Presents: 

  • Criminal Justice and the Workforce System - 6-part webinar series
    July - December, 2021
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Mental Health Association of New York State Presents: 

  • Mental Health First Aid
    December 2021
    **More information to follow**


In this webinar, you will hear how workforce boards are using these solutions to serve multiple populations such as the 1 million unemployed and underemployed, youth, employers, and partners.

  • Strategies Working with Youth
    Presented by Dr. Stephanie Compasso, Director of the Rockland County Career Center
    Cost: FREE
    Download slide deck HERE

    This webinar focuses on providing community supports for youth, specifically in the area of meaningful work experiences. Based in research, this webinar provides concrete examples of how to engage youth and employers to develop positive experiences. Additionally, the webinar highlights the key tenets necessary to build mentoring relationships between young adults and their employers.

  • Credential Engine Information Session
    Presented by Credential Engine and NYATEP
    Cost: FREE
    Download slide deck HERE

    We’re asking New York’s education, training and postsecondary institutions to get their programs and credentials registered with Credential Engine!  Credential Engine, supported by The National Science Foundation, is partnering with the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP), New York’s statewide association for workforce development, to identify, map and register education credentials.  The goal is to help employers identify workers with the skills and competencies they need to fill open roles, and to support a centralized place for New Yorkers to discover training programs aligned with in-demand careers and professions.

  • Zoom 101
    Presented by Megan Farry, Director of Strategic Partnerships, NYATEP
    Cost: FREE
    Download slide deck HERE
    This webinar provides an overview of Zoom's capabilities and terms.