2022 State Policy Priorities

As New York prepares to embark into a “New Era” it must address the immediate issues of income insecurity, the lack of economic mobility for communities of color, severe worker shortages and the skills training gaps that pre-dated the COVID-19 pandemic. The State’s workforce system is uniquely positioned to respond to these challenges by providing opportunities for those systematically excluded from high quality, high wage jobs. Our success will be measured on how well we support our most vulnerable New Yorkers. 
Fully fund the $175M Workforce Development Initiative providing flexible funding to support the skills training needs of New Yorkers and the business community that was signed into law in April of 2018.
Maximize Federal funding to NY by directing it to workforce development and expanding funding allocated to the Workforce Development Initiative, including allocate the remaining $15 million of the $50 million COVID-19 Recovery Workforce Initiative for training in high-growth industries, employer-driven training for low-income workers and funding for small businesses to re-train and hire furloughed, laid-off or new employees.
Amend and Pass S6589 Persaud/A7534 Rosenthal, establishing a six-month, 100% income disregard for New Yorkers receiving cash assistance, SNAP benefits, childcare, and housing subsidies participating in publicly funded workforce and postsecondary education programs, and employment opportunities.
Convene a task force aimed at addressing and eliminating the policy barriers to recruiting and supporting young adults in work-based learning and apprenticeship, while enrolled in high school or postsecondary education.
Invest $10 million of funding in a 21st century integrated data system for the education, job training and employment programs statewide to track, improve and communicate outcomes.
Reconstitute the State Workforce Development Board to provide oversight and gain external feedback on programs and funding initiatives.


Governor Kathy Hochul presented her inaugural State of the State on January 5th, with a heavy emphasis on guiding the State through the COVID pandemic; including rebuilding the healthcare workforce and addressing the overall devastating impact on the economy.  This was a historic address, as she is the first female Governor and it was conducted in the Legislative Chambers. Her speech also marked a significant change in tone, as the Governor directly addressed the contentious divide between the Office of the Governor, the Legislature and the Mayor of New York City during the prior Administration.  She made clear this is not how business will be conducted in the Capitol moving forward, declaring this A New Era for New York.

The following summary has been compiled for NYATEP members to highlight key areas of focus that will impact the workforce sector. 

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