march 30, 2021

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Join NYATEP for the second annual, Youth Practitioners Learning Lab. A full day of professional development and skills training. This virtual, interactive experience will connect you with national experts, creative thinkers, and your community of youth workforce providers. Agenda coming soon!

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april 6, 2021

This one of a kind training session will teach you how to build cultural competency in serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and other gender and sexual minority(LGBTQI+) youth, and supporting their success in the workforce.


This is a separate session from the Youth Practitioners Learning Lab but is available at a discount when you register for both at once. Use the link above to sign up today!

Andy has extensive experience in lobbying, policy analysis, and civil rights advocacy. She has successfully advocated for transgender, gender nonconforming, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, and intersex peoples’ improved access to corrected identity documents, health care coverage and access, school facilities, housing, workforce programming, and immigration legal support.


In this session, attendees will work with the facilitator to co-create knowledge about the LGBTQI+ community, and share best practices for ensuring workforce programs are affirming for LGBTQI+ people. This will include discussions of pronoun use, hiring LGBTQI+ staff, making LGBTQI+-specific programming, preparing youth for self-advocacy, and screening employers for affirming practices.


Bowen Public Affairs Consulting was started by activist Andrea (Andy) Bowen in late 2017, with the aim of providing government policy/budget expertise and advocacy for nonprofits and government, all with the broader goal of furthering economic justice. As a transgender woman, Andy has taken on the cause of justice for the community, successfully advocating for transgender peoples’ improved access to corrected identity documents, health care coverage, school facilities, and homeless shelters. Andy was the Executive Director of Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s LGBTQ civil rights organization, broadening the organization’s advocacy into economic justice work, and maintained the organization’s financial stability in the wake of the marriage equality victory.

call for presentations

Since the event is one-day, the "virtual workshop" space is extremely limited. To meet the needs of our audience, we are soliciting ideas and innovations that have transformed how you deliver services during COVID-19 to support youth in both a virtual and an in person climate.  Specifically, we are looking for innovation in:


  • Youth Engagement

  • Youth Work Experience

  • Summer Youth Employment

  • Employer Partnerships


If you or your colleagues have a great idea to share on any of these topics and would like to present at our annual conference, we invite you to submit your proposal to us!


A little bit about the Workshop Request for Proposals:


  1. We have space for 4 workshops submitted from the field

  2. Workshop proposals MUST include a title and brief description in order to be considered. NYATEP reserves the right to modify the descriptions that will be printed in conference materials

  3. We require that all submissions include an interactive element to the presentation to engage participants in each session.  This may include, but is not limited to -- opportunities to share between colleagues in small group work or with discussion questions (breakout session); facilitated activities to help attendees understand the content; and or a presentation that solicits audience participation. 

  4. Proposals are due NO LATER than 4:00PM on Friday, February 5, 2021


We look forward to collaborating with you. We can't wait to hear your ideas!


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